Quintland Now and Then Presentation


Today Highway 94 at Nipissing Manor is an average roadway with nothing around it that indicates that anything of significance occurred there. But if one knows where to look, they can find relics of the past and remains of buildings that were once central to the story of the Dionne quintuplets.

Quintuplet Drive, Dionneville, The Quintuplet Village, and Quintland all described a 300 meter stretch of road that attracted over 3 million tourists in the 30s and 40s as they came to watch five identical girls dance and play in an outdoor observatory. This "Coney Island of the North" rivaled Niagara Falls as the top tourist destination in Canada as thousands of people each day were counted waiting in line for these free shows. For the area, an influx of tourists meant an opportunity for business and commercialization, and in a short amount of time souvenir shops, information booths, public restrooms, and other buildings began to develop.

This talk will explore the evolution of Quintland, from a regular country road to a bustling tourist attraction, and it will compare what the site looks like today to what it used to look like during the height of Quintmania.

The talks are free and there is no registration required. The talks will occur on alternate Friday afternoons. This talk is also available on request, and at off-site locations such as groups, schools, churches, and other gatherings that may be interested in it. 

Contact Information

Name: Natasha
Phone: (705) 752-2282
Email: museum@callander.ca
Web: http://www.mycallander.ca/museum

Location Information

Callander Bay Heritage Museum
107 Lansdowne St. E.
Callander P0H 1H0

Date & Time

23 August, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM