Artistically Mused
Lauralea is an Artist and Creativity Expert who hails from Northern Ontario. She is the founder of Artistically Mused, a company from which she both creates and teaches to create. In addition to her teaching in both the classroom and workshop settings, Laura offers one-on-one and party classes. Laura’s goal is to inspire others to nurture their inner creativity and find their creative center. In addition to teaching new skills, Lauralea’s work often entails offering feedback and helping those who want to find their creative niche. “For as long as I can remember I have loved art... any time I had a chance to be creative I seized it! Doing anything creative is a form of mediation, it can help relax you, work though negative feelings, deal with anger, frustration or grief, and it can help to calm and soothe the soul.” Lauralea is an Ontario Certified Visual Arts and English Teacher. She holds a B.A. in Visual Arts an English, A Bachelor of Education with a focus on Arts Education and is currently working on her Masters Degree. Connect with Laura: