Heritage Gardeners
The North Bay Heritage Gardeners' Story, "Growing a Better Community" 1992 -- This was a landmark year for the community of North Bay as it marked the opening of the long-awaited Waterfront development known to most as The Golden Mile. The development was a dream come true for our community! Over 50 islands of shrubs, trees, perennials and grasses enhanced Lake Nipissing 's shoreline. The transformation was remarkable and the Waterfront became one of the most beautiful and well-used locations in the City. Unfortunately, as the years passed and due to the scarcity of maintenance dollars and funding opportunities, these islands of plant material became infested with weeds and overgrown from lack of care. During the summer of 1996, the Living Fit Program, with the City of North Bay 's approval, attempted to make improvements at the Waterfront. In the beginning the task seemed insurmountable with the sheer amount of work that was required, but the group remained undaunted and with the City's assistance, looked for another way to tackle this challenge. In 1997, an Educational Horticultural Program began using the Waterfront as a living classroom. In the spirit of community caring, sharing, and learning, groups of five to ten people were teamed up with a master gardener as their instructor. These Teams of gardeners took on the task of enhancing the garden beds while learning about horticulture and the environment. To date over 900 participants have taken part in the Heritage Gardeners program with approximately 50 beds currently being maintained. Over the years most of the beds have been enhanced, amended or redesigned. These numbers continue to increase each year as new projects are developed at the Waterfront and plans for the future development of the rail lands continue to move forward.
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North Bay
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