Bad Dog Glassworks - Ingrid Bajewsky
Ingrid has been working with glass since 2003. She originally began in stained glass, but 'discovered' lampworking in 2006. Ingrid is self-taught, and is looking forward to attending her first international glass bead makers conference this July. Each of the beads I make is a little piece of wearable art. ~ Ingrid Bajewsky ~ To make the beads, Ingrid uses a specialized propane/oxygen torch to melt glass rods. As the glass melts, it is wound around a stainless steel rod called a 'mandrel'. All the beads are annealed in a kiln to ensure durability. Ingrid creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry and other items. She also carries a line of eco-friendly, exotic beads that she makes from recycled bottles from around the world.
371 Lighthouse Rd
North Bay
P0H 1H0