CBACH (Coordinating body of arts, culture, heritage)
CBACH is a not-for-profit organization which performs some of the functions of an arts council along with expanded initiatives aimed at advocacy, support and promotion of the rich community of arts, culture and heritage in North Bay and area. * Individual artists as well as arts, culture and heritage organizations can belong to CBACH. * Anyone interested in arts, culture and heritage may attend meetings. * The board consists of a maximum of nine members, seven voting and two representing municipal and provincial government. * Meeting dates and locations will be posted in the Calendar of Events. Mission Statement: CBACH works toward a future where the North Bay area is recognized as a regional leader that celebrates, appreciates and supports arts, culture and heritage; nurtures artistic development; works to preserve the area’s heritage while promoting a vibrant cultural identity for residents and visitors alike. Be a Part of the Cultural Map: We are working with the City of North Bay to create a cultural map that will be an outstanding resource for artists, performers, educators, business owners and visitors to our city. Visit the City's Cultural Map page to learn more about the map, or find the registration form here. If you or your organization was previously listed on our website, please note that we've saved your file and can migrate your information to the Cultural Map. For more information please get in touch by email.
200 McIntyre Street East
North Bay
P1B 8H8