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On May 28, 1934, the world was astonished by the birth and survival of the Dionne Quintuplets. The five baby girls (Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile, and Marie) quickly became international superstars, attracting 3 million visitors to the area. The Dionne Quints Museum, housed in the original Dionne farmhouse, is now located in North Bay at Hwys 11 & 17 at Seymour Street. Inside, visitors can travel back more than sixty years to marvel at this miraculous event. The Museum is open daily from mid May to mid October. Over sixty years ago the world was amazed by the birth of the Dionne Quintuplets on May 28, 1934, in nearby Corbeil. This amazement quickly turned to love for the five identical tiny girls born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne. The Quint's combined weight at birth was only 13lbs. 5ozs. and they had to be kept in incubators for the first month of their lives. Their lungs were so small that diluted doses of rum were required daily to help the Quints breath properly. It was a one in 57 million chance of giving birth to identical quintuplets and even less chance of them surviving, but the Dionne Quints did. The Quints attracted 3 million visitors to North Bay and area during the peak of the depression. A whole new Quint industry sprang up and provided employment for thousands. The Quints helped millions of people feel happy during the depression and forget the hunger and unemployment for a moment. The Dionne Quints Museum, housed in the original Dionne homestead, contains many artifacts from the Quint's early days and their growing years. Also a part of the Dionne museum is the Model Railroad Exhibit and gift shop.
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