Birchlea Gallery - Nancy Stephenson
Nancy Stephenson was born in Montreal and moved to North Bay in 1991 in order to pursue her career as an artist. Her artistic training spans several decades, from the Montreal Museum of Fine Art's Ecole des Beaux Arts in the 1970's, the Fine Arts program at Montreal's Dawson College in the 1980's, to North Bay's Canadore College & Artsperience in the 1990's. She is predominantly an acrylic and watercolour painter and her work is largely figurative. The choice of water-based media allows her to build up layers of colour in order to achieve a luminous quality; it is this transparent/translucent effect which contributes tot he dream-like atmosphere in much of her work. Her work is created using archival-quality materials. In watercolour, she works on Arches 300 lb watercolour paper and she uses Windsor & Newton professional-quality watercolours. She uses Tri-Art heavy-body acrylics on primed wood and canvas. Nancy's "quilt" paintings came into being after seeing and marvelling at some textile work created by a friend; the textile pieces had a painterly feel and Nancy felt it would be interesting to explore creating paintings that had the qualities and appearance of textiles. The "quilts" gradually developed into a story-telling device. The "petit-point" watercolours are a technique which Nancy created. It is very time-consuming and challenging when you take into account that watercolour is a transparent/translucent mediium; each dot of colour changes depending on the underlying colour. The majority of Nancy's work represents and examines our relationship with our natural surroundings.
701 Lakeshore Drive
North Bay
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